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The names Marketplace and Exchange are interchangeable. They mean the same thing. To keep things simple we use the term Marketplace.

  • Enrolling through the Marketplace adds another level of government regulations, requirements and limitations. This should be avoided if possible.
  • There are primarily two situations when a client must go thru the Marketplace
  1. The plan they want – best rate, benefits & network – is only available on the Marketplace. Example: Ambetter in 2018 and again in 2019.
  2. In order to receive a government subsidy to help pay for their plan, it’s required – if they qualify due to a lower or moderate income estimate for the next year – 2019. These subsidies can be substantial for those who qualify.

We offer a Subsidy Optimization Consult with our Advisory Service.

Please read our 2019 Subsidy Guidelines to make sure it’s likely you can qualify for a subsidy before engaging our Subsidy Optimization service.

BlueCross and Kaiser is offering plans both On and Off Marketplace for 2019. These plans benefits and rates will be virtually identical On or Off Marketplace.

Avoid enrolling on the Marketplace unless:

  • qualify for a subsidy
  • enrolling in Ambetter

A qualified Health Insurance Broker represents all plans both On and Off the Marketplace. The Broker should help the client determine what is best for their situation and be able to enroll either On or Off the Marketplace.

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