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Short Term Medical by unitedhealthone2

UnitedHealthcare / Golden Rule Insurance Company

If you are uninsured outside of Open Enrollment and don’t have access to an ACA – Affordable Care Act compliant plan, a Short Term Medical plan may be a good low cost, temporary solution.

Short Term plans provide excellent coverage for an accident or a new medical condition that begins after the plan becomes effective. Short term plans do not cover Pre-Existing Conditions (Hover for definition).

Before Applying please read – Important Short Term Medical Plan Exclusions and Limitations

Instructions to get a Short Term Medical Quote & Apply Online:

  1. Enter your home zip code and the dates of birth of members to be covered.
  2. Select “View Plans”
  3. Compare Plans – There are 4 pages of plan options. This can be tricky!

Use the compare checkboxes to select 2-4 plans & see options side by side.

We recommend the “Short Term Medical Plus” 80/20 plans with either the $2500 or $5000 Per Cause Deductible.

A one-time, lump sum payment for the entire coverage period gives you a 20% discount.

You pay the first $2500 then 20% of charges until you’ve met the additional $2000 Out-of-Pocket Maximum.

Then the plan pays 100% of eligible charges up to $1 million.


(By clicking the link below, you agree that you have read & understand the Short Term Medical plan Exclusions & Limitations)

UnitedHealthOne – Short Term Medical

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