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Health Insurance Advisors will now include the analysis of ACA / Obamacare plans and the Lower Cost Alternative plans during the regular Benefit Review appointment. During the discussion we will identify, evaluate and recommend the best health insurance plan for each individual client’s situation.

Why consider Affordable Alternative Plans for 2018?

Because the ACA / Obamacare plans have smaller providers networks and are more expensive than last year.

The 2018 ACA / Obamacare plans in Georgia overview:

  • HMO plans only – smaller provider networks requiring referrals to see a specialist
  • No coverage for out of network services or service outside of Georgia, except for emergencies
  • There are no plans available with POS networks
  • The good news; one of the HMO plans has many of the major hospital systems and doctor groups in their network View Hospital List

Because of the restrictive networks and higher cost of the ACA / Obamacare plans, we have been researching Affordable Alternative Plans.

Lower cost alternative plans (Non – Obamacare compliant plans) are not a viable option for clients who are managing ongoing costly medical conditions.

These lower cost alternative plans are more for catastrophic coverage; no copays benefits for doctor visits – all medical expenses apply to the deductible.

They will:

  • Cost approximately 50% less than ACA / Obamacare Compliant plans
  • Have access to a large quality network of providers in Georgia and nationally
  • Require passing a simplified, 5 medical history questionnaire
  • Be subject to the ACA tax penalty, although – our office will advise how many of our clients can have it waived.

The Downside of the lower cost alternative plans; they will not cover:

  • Pre-existing conditions, Preventative care, Pregnancy or Medications (Rx discount card is available)

There was an executive order from Washington this past week that makes it easier for insurance companies to offer these alternative plans.

We are seeing the insurance companies reacting quickly and scramble to improve and expand their
Non – Obamacare alternative plans for 2018.
The general buzz in the industry is these plans will become more popular due to lower cost and broad national provider networks.

However, the downsides described above will not change.
These plans are not an option for clients managing serious ongoing conditions.

We are continuing to monitor these developments closely.

They will be approximately 12-15 different insurance companies offering Non – Obamacare Affordable Alternative plans. We will complete our analysis and have our recommendations of all plans, ready for our client Benefit Reviews appointments beginning November 9th.

Our recommendations of Non – Obamacare lower cost alternative plans will be based on:

  1. the most favorable terms; including the easiest pre-existing condition definition for the member
  2. best value, price vs benefits
  3. large national provider network

Separately, we will offer an Accident Benefit Plan due the higher deductibles most clients are carrying.
These will pay for the first $5,000 to $10,000 of medical expenses due to an accident of any almost any kind. Even though the client is reimbursed for the accident expenses, it also counts toward meeting the medical plan deductible; more to come.

Hospital Name City Zip Code
Emory University Hospital Atlanta 30309
Emory Saint Joseph Atlanta 30342
Emory Johns Creek Dulutd 30097
WellStar Atlanta Medical Center Atlanta 30312
WellStar Windy Hill Marietta 30067
WellStar Cobb Austell 30106
WellStar Nortd Fulton Hospital Roswell 30076
WellStar Douglas Douglasville 30134
WellStar Paulding Hiram 30141
WellStar Spalding Griffin 30224
WellStar Sylvan Grove Jackson 30233
WellStar Atlanta Medical Center East Point 30344
Rockdale Medical Center Conyers 30012
Grady Hospital Atlanta 30303
Gwinnett Medical Center Duluth Lawrenceville 30096
Southern Regional Medical Center Riverdale 30274
St. Mary’s Hospital Athens 30306
Medical Center of Central GA Macon 31201
Northside Medical Center Columbus 31008
St. Francis Hospital Columbus 31904
Midtown Medical Center Columbus 31902
Doctors Hospital Of Columbus Columbus 31901
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