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Below is a partial list. Please read the Full Brochure?for listing of exclusions & limitations. They are listed on pages 10-19.

  • Does not cover pre-existing conditions (Hover for definition)
  • Does not cover routine preventative care
  • Does not have Rx coverage or will be limited to $3000 maximum benefit, depending on the plan you choose
  • For best benefits, use In-Network providers. The name of the network is UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus Network. Out-of-Network Benefits will be significantly less.
  • Requires a light form of medical underwriting to be approved
  • Is limited to a maximum of 360 days of coverage
  • Is not renewable i.e. Short Term Medical is issued for a specific period of time. If your needs for coverage extend beyond this plan, you may apply for an additional short term plan. However, a new application is required including new underwriting qualification and can be declined. It is not an extension of your current plan. Any illness or condition you develop while covered by your current plan would be considered “pre-existing” when you re-apply, and as such, will not be covered. It also may cuase you to be declined for a new plan.
  • Does not meet minimum essential coverage and individuals will be subject to the IRS imposed tax penalty for not having ACA qualified health insurance. More details are available upon request.


(By clicking the link below, you agree that you have read & understand the Short Term Medical plan Exclusions & Limitations)

UnitedHealthOne – Short Term Medical

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