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  1. Group Health Plans are for the full-time (FT) employees of a single business.
  2. Full-Time (FT) is defined as regularly working at least 30 hours/week. The employer has the option to change the definition of FT to 20 hours/week in order to make more employees eligible.
  3. A minimum of two employees (owners included) must enroll in the medical coverage.
  4. A husband and wife count as one employee, there must be at least one other FT employee enrolling.
  5. The plan must be offered to all FT employees. Eligible employees may decline the medical plan by signing a waiver acknowledging that it was offered to them – as long as a minimum of two employees (including owners) enroll in the medical coverage.
  6. The employer must pay a minimum of 50% of each employee’s premium – not dependents. The employer’s 50% portion usually ranges between $200 – $400 per employee per month.

We suggest starting with a complimentary phone conversation to confirm that the Group Requirements can be met before engaging our Group Advisory Service.

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