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Find a Doctor

Step 1:  Go to, scroll down, Select “Find a Doctor”

Step 2:  Scroll down, Select “Search as a Guest”. Select “Search by selecting a Plan or Network”.

Mark your Settings:

  • Type of Care “Medical”
  • Georgia
  • Select a plan/network, scroll to  “Medical (Employers-Sponsored)” select “Blue Open Access POS” this must be exact.

Step 3: Change the “Who Specializes in” field to “All Specialties” and enter the name of the doctor and the zip code.


Rx Formularies

BlueCross Rx Formularies

Scroll to: Select Drug Lists


High Deductible HSA Plans use:      2019 Small Group Select Drug List 4-tier

Copay Plans use:                             2018 Small Group Select Drug List 5-tier

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