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Our office has reviewed 22 different insurance companies’ dental plans.
We recommend the Cigna Dental plans based on Benefits and Price.

Even with our recommendation, please review the benefits carefully, including the exclusions,
limitations and waiting periods listed below.

See Cigna Dental Plans

Waiting Periods*

Type of Service Waiting Period
Preventative/Diagnostic (Oral Exams, Cleanings) None
Basic Restorative (Fillings) 6 Month
Major Restorative (Root Canal, Crown, Bridges, Endodontics & Periodontics 12 Month

Network – If you have a “must have” dentist, please check with their office to determine if they participate in the “Cigna DPPO Advantage” network. The benefits for using an Out of Network dentist will be significantly less.

Orthodontia – Most plans do not cover orthodontia. Cigna’s Dental 1500 plan does cover othodontia. After a 12 month waiting period and a $50 deductible, Cigna will pay 50% up to an Orthodontia lifetime maximum benefit of $1,000.

* You may be eligible to have the waiting period waived if you have 12 months of continuous prior dental coverage, not applicable to orthodontia.

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